Document Imaging

  • Running out of storage space for those new files?
  • Chasing misplaced documents and files?
  • Renting a new warehouse for your endless folders?
  • Thinking of hiring additional staff for the archive department?

Creyasoft converts your existing paper based documents into electronic counterparts! Creyasoft will do the scanning, document image tracking and quality control mechanisms.

IT Consulting

Watch your business decision making processes get to a heightened state of strategic awareness by making a few advanced IT ways work for you in the following specialties:

  • Business Consultancy Strategy
  • Technology Execution
  • IT Auditing

Experience the ease of benefiting from these advanced technologies with the close and resilient guidance, as well as support of our tireless applied proactive working approach.

Software Development

Custom software development hidden advantage For your customized software needs, whether in-house or outsourced, rest assured that understanding your needs and internal procedures is where our internal process starts.

Possess a high level of confidence in owning the advantage and assurance of our highly qualified IT programmers in implementing the latest cutting edge tools and frameworks using Microsoft.NET, Java and LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP).