Do you know of any company today which does not have to deal with tons of documents on a daily basis? We have tried to find some, but we were not able!

How many times have you or your team tried to locate a paper folder with documents in it, which were needed for a task, but could not be found? Or perhaps the folder was located, but the required pages within it were missing?

How about trying to find an electronic document like Word, Excel, a picture, an engineering drawing, or PDF format that you know you have on your computer or on the computers of your colleagues, but took forever to find? Or maybe did you even have to ask a client to resend a document since it could not be found?

Let’s face it: We are all flooded with so many documents that we spend so much effort and waste so much precious time trying to find and locate the ones we need. This problem gets bigger and worse as the number of people handling documents increases or when the count of documents itself increases.


The good news is that there exist solid solutions which address document and related issues.

We created the Document Management Group at Creyasoft to specifically focus on document related problems and solutions.


  1. Help you reduce the amount of paper documents by scanning them
  2. Organize your electronic files optimally so that they can be secured, easily searched for and located, shared and used.

Reaching this goal will help you and your colleagues operate faster, do more in less time and with less headaches, making your company more profitable.


We have designed services and adopted products to help you achieve this goal with the least cost so that you can increase your profits. We have even created solution approaches for different budgets. For example, see the following 3 methods:

LOWEST INITIAL BUDGET: On one extreme, we can give you all the tools you need and we will train you on them so that you can yourselves do all the required work and improvements. This would require that you all learn necessary tasks and spend time doing them, including dealing with all the headaches involved. However, this method will initially be the most economical solution for you.

HIGHEST INITIAL BUDGET: On the other extreme, our team of professionals can do all the required work for you. This method will give you the least headaches and you will not have to spend any of your precious time to put the solution into place: You just get to enjoy the benefits. At first look, this method may seem costlier, but will not be so in the long run since our experienced professionals deliver high quality while working fast.

INTERMEDIATE INITIAL BUDGET: As an intermediate solution, our team will initially organize all tasks, do part of the work during a certain period of time, and then let your team take over and continue it afterwards.

Whatever budget you want to start with, we are here to help: success is right around the corner.


Give us a call at +961.1.565.225 or click below to contact us for a totally free consultation, without any commitment on your part.

You will quickly start benefiting from increased productivity and improved operations…

Which would of course lead to increased profits for your company.