Contagious Proactivity

Acquire the advantage for your business operation from 50 years of combined international experience in the relentless pursuit of strategic readiness.

From the learning experience of database engineering design at the high-tech U.S. Boeing/NASA Labs to the advanced knowledge acquired from workflow process management at the high end multi-satellite, London based, Al Hayat daily newspaper,

Dr. Mario Missakian and Eng. Marwan Matar joined forces to serve the MENA region in empowering ambitious smart business operations.

Clarity in the Vision

To be the failsafe resource to organizations who seek committed proactive partners to optimize their IT strategy through consulting, smart applications, services and custom development.

Accountability in the Mission

To empower clients with rapid business growth through the employment of smart management technologies.

Proactivity in the Action

Watch your business decision making processes get to a heightened state of strategic awareness by making a few advanced IT ways work for you in the following specialties:

  • Imaging Services
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Smart Business Applications
  • Custom Software Development

Experience the ease of benefiting from these advanced technologies with the close and resilient guidance, as well as support of our tireless applied proactive working approach.

See your decisive business decisions spread throughout your organization and limitlessly grow with proactive abundance. Enjoy the rewards of faster growth and more profitable focused business decisions.